I offer a presentation on how affective networking is a three legged stool. It should include traditional face-to-face networking, social networking and unconventional networking. I also give tips on getting the most out of networking events so it's not a waste of time and/or money. With my presentation you'll learn how to break through your comfort zone, establish and build meaningful relationships.



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Effective networking is a three legged stool and includes traditional face-to-face networking (networking events), social networking (LinkedIn) and unconventional networking (the world is your networking event). My presentation, The Power of Networking covers the following topics:

· Tips on getting the most of networking events so they are not a waste of time

· How to break through your comfort zone and meet a lot of people and make a lot of connections.

· The key to networking is follow up, follow through while establishing and building relationships.


Everyone is busy today. In fact it's like people wear busy like a badge of honor. To me it's not about how busy I am, it's how productive I am. But this realization didn't happen on my own, it happened by the power of mentorship. I look at mentorship like a GPS. Where to want to go? In other words how do you want to live? 

My mentor challenged me to ask these questions of myself. I believe in the power of mentorship and have been blessed to be mentored by several very successful people in my life. I believe in giving back and have had the honor of mentoring many others. I am a big networker with a large contact-base and like to connect people often with no financial benefit. I encourage everyone to get a mentor in your life. Too many people are just wondering generalities, letting the media and friends guide them. Don't drive without your GPS!


“When it comes to mentorship, Steve has been very instrumental in my life. Being able to call for advise and talk openly with the confidence that my best interests are considered and know we arent getting a watered down response, but rather recommendations that stretch our belief and thought process. Somehow they always know when things are rocky and reach out to us. Hom and his wife are genuinely fun to be around loving people. I remember going through a big transitional phase in my life between graduating college, looking for a new job, and finding a new apartment. It was so overwhelming I didn’t know where to start. I remember calling Steve early in the morning and just relaying my concerns and he helped me see the light at the end of the tunnel and we developed a game plan that ultimately pushed me out of my comfort zone and within a month we were in a bigger better living situation, new job with better pay right out of college and I was able to breathe again.” 

- Abraham C., Insurance Industry 

“Mentorship is trusting in a person knowing that they will tell you what you need to hear and not what you want to hear, a person that looks out for the greater good of you. Steve is such a person. Knowing Steve has helped me find a greater version of myself. A version I was having a hard time finding. His belief in my ability to be great has fueled me in my pursuit to be a better man. He encouraged me to read books daily and listen to audios that would change my though process from negative to positive. Steve is committed to helping people be a better versions of themselves. It was with his help I was able to find my wife. Steve has helped us grow into a strong, loving couple, with great communication. He and his wife, continue to be a beacon of light in our lives. We couldn’t have asked for better people in our lives.” 

- Cebastien C., Beverage Industry 


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